Benefits of Kedondong Fruit for Pregnant Women and Virility -
29 May 2023

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Benefits of Kedondong Fruit for Pregnant Women and Virility – Who doesn’t know kedondong fruit? Kedondong fruit is very easy to find in tropical countries, including our country Indonesia

So maybe there are no people who don’t know what the kedondong fruit looks like, because this one fruit is most often made into salads and sweets.

Then, what are the benefits and advantages of kedongdong fruit compared to other fruits? if curious then read this article to the end.

Benefits of Kedongdong Fruit

Kedongdong Fruit Excellence

Kedondong fruit has many advantages that make us like kedondong fruit, including:

– In addition to its delicious taste

– The price is cheap

– Easy to get

– Can be processed into other forms of food such as sweets, salad, etc.

– Contains lots of fiber, substances, and vitamins that are beneficial to the health of the body

Well, it turns out that kedondong can be processed into other foods? What’s the food like? Also what are the benefits of kedongding fruit for our body?

Kedongdong fruit content

It turns out that kedondong fruit contains various kinds of substances and vitamins that are very good for the body, namely:

– Vitamin C

– High water content

– Proteins

– Good fats

– Sucrose

– Flavonoids

– Pectin (for young kedondong fruit)

– And lots of fiber

Processed Kedondong Fruit

It turns out that Kedongdong can be processed into other foods, including:

Kedondong fruit is a fruit that is easily processed into other foods. Anything?

– Pickled kedondong

In the same way when you make pickles, but replace or add sliced ​​fruit that has been washed kedondong

– Candied kedondong

– In the same way when you make sweets using other fruit, but replace the fruit with sliced ​​kedondong fruit that has been washed

– Kedondong chips

By drying the kedondong fruit that has been peeled, washed, then sliced ​​thin

When drying the kedondong fruit, it must be exposed to direct sunlight and don’t get it wet! Dry in the sun from sunrise to sunset

– Kedondong fruit jelly

Not all fruits can be made into jelly. Keodndong fruit can be processed into jelly because kedondong fruit contains pectin

The method is the same as making jelly using other fruit-based ingredients!

– Kedondong flavored jam

How to make jam from kedondong fruit is by grinding the keodndong fruit that has been washed clean, then mixed with sugar and then cooked until thickened

– Juice

Because the kedondong fruit contains a lot of water content, around 60-85 grams per 100 grams, the kedondong fruit is suitable for processing into fruit juice.

– Petis salad ingredients

The kedondong fruit that can be used as a salad ingredient must be a young kedondong fruit

– Sweet rujak ingredients

Meanwhile, the kedondong fruit that will be processed into sweet rujak or fruit salad, choose the sweet one, namely the ripe keddondong fruit

– Complementary ingredients for vegetables or fresh vegetables

– Animal feed

Wow, apart from being used as human food, kedondong fruit can also be used as animal feed! With a note processed properly first yes!

So you can save on your expenses that you allocate for buying animal feed, and replace animal feed by making your own animal feed made from kedondong.

The right is only for rujak, these are the benefits of kedongdong fruit for health

As explained above, kedondong fruit is generally made from salad or sweets, but behind all that, it turns out that kedondong fruit cannot only be made from salad.

Because in fact this fruit has a lot of fiber, vitamins, and substances that are useful for the health of the body.

For more details, let’s look at the explanation of the benefits of good kedondong fruit for our bodies below:

– Reducing stomach acid

So that it can be used to relieve pain due to ulcers

– Cure dysentery

By consuming boiled kedondng skin

– Relieve bronchitis

– Relieve ear inflammation

– Fertilize women

– Treat sore throat

– Overcome bad breath

– Cure diseases of the skin

– Stop diarrhea

– Eliminate nausea

– Treating pain due to poisoning

– Relieve cough

– Lowering body temperature in patients with fever

– Eliminate heartburn

– Treat cataracts

– Facilitate the birth process

– Stop bleeding after giving birth (childbirth)

– As an anti-bacterial

– As an anti-fungal

– As an anti-oxidant

– As an anti-aging

– Boosts the immune system

– Launching the digestive organs

– Helps lose weight

– Coping with diabetes

– Coping with cholesterol

Benefits for Pregnant Women and Virility

So, those were the various benefits of kedongdong fruit for the health of our bodies, and I hope the article above can be useful for all of us.


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