Benefits of Degan Ijo Original for Pregnant Women and Health, What are they? -
4 June 2023

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Benefits of Degan Ijo Original for Pregnant Women and Health, What are they? – Degan or young coconut is a fruit that is quite popular with the people of Indonesia or even coastal communities in various countries. In Indonesia, degan becomes more popular when summer arrives or the fasting month comes. On the beaches, degan is also the prima donna as a drink as well as a thirst-quenching food. Even so, degan still available year-round in many areas.

The people’s penchant for consuming degan is because apart from its delicious taste, it is also because of its good benefits for the body. Of course, we are familiar with the socialization that coconut water is very good for eliminating dehydration in the human body. In fact, many energy drink brands use coconut water extract as an ingredient. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate anymore to consume coconut water, even though it is not common to replace mineral water at this time.

Actually we don’t need to mention the type of a coconut tree to mention the general content that is in it, because all coconuts are nutritious. However, in Indonesian society, it is known that one type of coconut has a better content than other types of coconut, namely green coconut or green coconut. Green coconut is the name for the fruit of the coconut tree which has green skin. Indeed, basically most coconuts are green in color, but for this type of green coconut the fruit has a lighter, cleaner skin color, and tends not to change from young to old age. Like the name of the tree and its fruit, young green coconuts are also known as green coconuts.

Benefits of Degan Ijo

10 Benefits of Degan Ijo for Body Health, One of which is Adding Sperm

This green degan is known to have good ingredients that are stronger than other types, such as stronger antioxidants and better glucose levels.

So, below are some of the benefits of green tea that we might get and one of them is to increase male sperm, here is a full explanation below.

1. Benefits of Degan Ijo as a weight loss

First, the benefits of green tea as weight loss. To get the benefits of greenery for weight loss, what you have to pay attention to is the water from the green head. Green coconut water is very low in fat, sugar and calories, so it is good for weight control.

Benefits of Degan Ijo

2. Benefits of Degan Ijo as a poison neutralizer

Second, the benefits of greenery as a poison neutralizer. You may still remember one of the scenes in the film starring Jackie Chan when it shows Jackie infusing someone who has been bitten by a snake with coconut water. It is indeed very scientific. Green coconut water contains tannins and antidotes which are detoxifying for the body or anti-toxic. Coconut water also contains enzymes that can break down toxins into harmless foreign materials.

In villages, coconut water is also often used to treat someone who is allergic to food or even to cure someone who is too late drunk because of alcohol. For herders, green coconut water is also a first aid medicine for herding animals that accidentally eat poisonous leaves.

Benefits of Degan Ijo

3. The benefits of Degan Ijo as a guard for the fetus and pregnant women

Third, the benefits of greenery as guardians of the fetus and pregnant women. In a scientific study it has been proven that green tea contains lauric acid which is good for babies because of its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. That’s why lauric acid can ward off various diseases in both the mother and the fetus. Apart from green coconut, lauric acid is also present in breast milk.

For pregnant women, green tea will have a positive effect on the unborn fetus. In addition to maintaining the health of the fetus through its antioxidant properties, green coconut will also affect the growth of hair which will be dense, skin which will tend to be white, and accelerate cell growth.

4. Benefits of Degan Ijo as Stabilizing blood pressure

Fourth, the benefits of greenery to stabilize blood pressure. In addition to neutralizing toxins in the blood, research has shown that green coconut water can reduce systolic pressure by 71% and reduce diastolic pressure by 29%.

5. The benefits of Degan Ijo as a beauty nurse

Fifth, the benefits of greenery as a beauty care ingredient. Both coconut water or young flesh from green coconuts are very useful as skin moisture keepers. In addition, the skin will also be soft and shining if you regularly consume green tea because of its high antioxidant content.

In addition to skin beauty, green tea also has positive benefits for hair health, especially hair loss. It is known that green coconut water contains at least glucose, amino acids, fructose, saccharose and minerals that help get rid of dandruff. If you think that getting these benefits is by drinking, you are wrong. For hair loss treatment using coconut water is by rinsing it on the hair.

Before using it, first dissolve the salt in the coconut water. This took quite some time, namely overnight. After the salt has dissolved, rinse the coconut water on your hair and let it dry on its own. After the coconut water is dry, then rinse it with clean water.

6. To maintain kidney health

Sixth, the benefits of greenery for maintaining kidney health. Some people are always worried about consuming liquid food ingredients other than mineral water for fear that it will interfere with kidney health. Although green water is also useful as an energy drink, green water will not irritate the kidneys. The kidneys will receive water with greens like receiving mineral water so that they are clean and stay healthy.

7. As digestion

Seventh, the benefits of green tea to improve digestion. Of the many natural remedies to deal with constipation, degan green is one of them. The soft but fibrous flesh of the fruit will make the stool have the ideal density.

8. Migraine drug

Eighth, the benefits of green tea as a migrant drug. Both water and green meat are known to have a fairly high magnesium content. The magnesium content can be useful as a migraine drug.

9. Increase sperm quality

Ninth, the benefits of green tea are to increase sperm quality. It’s no longer a secret that apart from nuts, green tea is also useful for improving sperm quality and increasing male vitality. For men who smoke and have a negative influence on matters surrounding manhood, green tea is also useful as a neutralizer for nicotine from cigarettes.

10. Medicine for fever and immunity problems

Tenth, the benefits of green tea as a medicine for fever and immunity problems. For children, the problem of immunity is a problem that is often faced. With the weather, the environment, or food that you are facing for the first time, your body reacts in a certain way. The reaction given by the body is usually a fever. For this problem, green can be the first solution. By mixing honey, green leaves become an effective fever medicine. In addition, with its high antioxidant content, degan greens are also useful for anticipating immune diseases that accompany fevers such as flu and coughs.

11 Destroy Kidney Stones

12. Reduces Stomach Acid

Well, friends, that was the benefit of greenery for the body. With the existence of foods that contain beneficial nutrients for the body, it is only natural for us to put aside foods that contain unhealthy substances and switch to healthy foods. Friends, keep watching what you eat, okay!


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