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29 May 2023

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Aphorisms for Whatsapp Status Updates


Writing aphorisms on WhatsApp besides being able to make us more enthusiastic about carrying out daily activities, making your life full of love, affection and affection and also of course WhatsApp Aphorisms can provide motivation to friends, loved ones or contacts on WhatsApp.

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For the latest WhatsApp Status Update which contains aphorisms, we have to string together words for words that are beautifully composed but full of meaning, not just meaningless sentences. If you are still confused about making pearls of wisdom for Status Updates on WhatsApp, don’t worry because you can use the following WhatsApp status words to update cool WhatsApp statuses.

You don’t need to expect a reward when you want to share, because you will definitely get the reward, namely happiness and peace of mind.

If you don’t like it don’t look. If you don’t know, don’t talk. If you don’t care, don’t judge. If you can’t have, don’t hate.

If our every hope always goes according to plan, we will never learn that disappointment can make us stronger.

It’s better to focus on your own efforts to achieve success than to feel jealous of a friend’s achievements.

Words of wisdom

You don’t need a perfect person, because what you need is someone who treats you well and always wants to be with you.

A man who doesn’t know how to respect a woman is a man who doesn’t know how to respect his mother…

When we face adversity and don’t give up, that is our true strength…

Your words are your quality

It’s true that wealth can make people arrogant but… wealth can also make people generous.

Don’t choose shortcuts because long roads will show you a lot of experience

Sometimes we need to be alone, have a dialogue with ourselves and ask our conscience….

A star will shine for a long time if he remains humble and improves himself.

You will tire yourself if you continue to follow other people’s words, however what they say is not always true.

If patience is paid maybe I’ve become a billionaire!

Money is only impressive for lazy girls. When women work hard, a man with money is a bonus, not a ladder to upgrade himself.

Happy enough. Sad enough. Love properly. Hate just a little but Grateful as much as possible.

If you feel your burden is heavier than others, it’s because God sees you as stronger than others.

Never trust someone who only says but never does. Because he breaks promises easily as easily as he makes promises.

When you feel no one cares about you. Look at the mirror, the person you see, needs you more than anyone.

“Independence Day is coming. Even if Indonesia is already independent, how come your heart is still down? Let’s rise! INDEPENDENT!!”

Be careful, insecure people usually live backwards, you know.

Whatever your problem, never give up; whatever obstacles persist, the storm will pass, the sun will shine because there is still God.

If he doesn’t propose, maybe he doesn’t believe in you. But if he finally proposes, maybe he’s not sure he can get another one.

If you feel the words above are not enough, there’s nothing wrong with downloading and installing an application that specifically contains aphorisms, words of wisdom for WhatsApp such as Cool Status Updates for Android which you can get on the Google Playstore.

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