Animated Short [Everlasting Flames] Japanese-Dubbed Edition – Honkai Impact 3rd -
29 May 2023

When the darkness seized the long night,
Did it envisage its end at the hands of a shooting star?

She is Kiana Kaslana, K423, Sirin, Herrscher of the Void, and Herrscher of Flamescion.

She broke away from her former self and past confusion.
She will go toward a brighter tomorrow with an unwavering heart.
She grasps her greatsword tight to protect all that is beautiful and give this sad story a happy ending.

This animated short is produced by miHoYo Anime. Its theme song “Moon Halo” is produced by miHoYo’s in-house music team HOYO-MiX and performed by @茶理理理子, @TetraCalyx, @hanser.

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