Android vs IOS iphone Which is good -
29 May 2023

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Android vs IOS iphone Which is good

Two major retainers in the world of mobile platforms, Google and Apple, recently officially introduced their newest generation of operating systems, each nicknamed Android 6.0 Marshmallow and iOS 9. As the latest generation, the two mobile operating systems are of course born with various improvements there- here. Not only does the interface look fresher, the various features grafted onto the two platforms certainly have far-reaching capabilities. So what are the striking differences between the two platforms? Here we present the comparison. 3 Best Core i5 Laptops Acer Dell and HP

In accordance with the version that experienced a big jump, namely from 5.0 Lollipop to 6.0, Marshmallow does bring a variety of amazing new features. One of the brand-new features that deserves appreciation is a battery saver called Doze. Smartly, Doze will disable most of the applications running in the background, both when the device is in standby or sleep, so that it saves more battery. With the presence of this feature, the problem that often plagues Android smartphones, namely battery drain, can be resolved. MacBook Video Editing Laptop or Windows Laptop?

Apart from that, Marshmallow also supports the use of USB type C, which is claimed to be able to charge the battery five times faster and can function as a power bank. What’s more, Marshmallow is also armed with Android 84 VERSUS Fresher, More Gahar Android 6.0 Marshmallow Pay to make digital payments via an NFC wireless connection. However, it is still unknown whether this mobile payment platform can later be used in Indonesia or not. With the presence of Android Pay, the brand-new Android Marshmallow-based device is of course also packed with a fingerprint scanner for authentication as a form of security. Another new feature that is also embedded in Marshmallow is Apps Permissions. With this feature, later you are given the flexibility to set it yourself, whether or not applications embedded in the device are allowed to access location, camera, and others. No less interesting, iPhone Samsung LG camera and good photos

Marshmallow is also packed with the Auto Backup feature, which allows you to save applications, games, settings and user data to Google Drive. That way, if at any time you buy a new device or do hard research, applications and other settings, can be reused simply by logging into your Google account. Marshmallow also has the ability to activate Google Now with just the Home button.

For fanboys (the nickname for Apple device fans), new features and several features that have improved on this brand-new platform will be very indulgent. Not only a few iPhone families who received iOS 9 updates, almost all of Apple’s tablet and music player lines, the iPod touch 5th gen, also got to taste it.

Similar to Marshmallow, iOS 9 is also predicted to have the ability to save battery. This capability comes thanks to the embedded Low Power Saving Mode feature which makes iPhone, iPad and iPod batteries last 3 hours longer. Another good news that will make fanboys happy is that iOS 9 can cut memory usage, so that the storage warehouse will be even more spacious. If in previous versions of iOS it would take up to 4GB of space for the system and default applications, then iOS 9 can reduce memory usage to just 1.3GB. Cool again, Apple devices that are compatible with iOS 9 can now open two application windows simultaneously. Even so with Apple’s digital assistant feature, Siri, which can now recognize voices more naturally.

Not only that, developers can now also access Siri, so that their applications will later feel more interesting and attractive. Not only that, iOS 9 now also has the Assistant Proactive feature, which will intelligently learn about your daily habits. The time to leave or return from work, as well as the route to be followed, for example. The keyboard also feels much more comfortable than the previous version. This is not surprising, considering that the keyboard on iOS 9 is equipped with QuickTyoe, Autocomplete, and shortcut buttons for cut, copy, and paste. What deserves a thumbs up, Safari on iOS 9 can now block ads made by third parties. The default app, Notes, has also been improved, which now recognizes handwriting, inserts images, attaches files, and much more.

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