Advantages and Disadvantages of the All New Honda CB150R -
4 June 2023

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the All New Honda CB150R

To support the need for transportation with high flexibility in dividing the density of traffic in the capital city with agility, young actor Chicco Jerikho chose to use two-wheeled motorbikes. However, not just any motorbike is his choice because in this modern era the image of a vehicle as a lifestyle with self-identity is important, forming a new character about who we really are. What is a Hybrid Car? What Types of Hybrid Cars?

All New Honda CB150R


Appearance is the main thing for Chicco and as one of the stylish urban male icons, Chicco chooses to ride the All New Honda CB150R StreetFire which is The Real Naked Sport bike. Designed with an aggressive appearance and the best performance support, the All New Honda CB150R really represents the dynamic urban character that makes it a trendsetter in its segment. The All New Honda CB150R StreetFire comes with the design, features and driving sensations of a big sports bike. The modern design lines take DNA directly from Honda’s big bike, making it look dashing and in synergy with Chicco’s manly, youthful and active character. Meanwhile, the color combination on the body graphics also supports the sporty appearance of the All New Honda CB150R so that it can blend in with Chicco’s daily style which is full of confidence. Latest Presidential Bulletproof Car Technology


Armed with comprehensive updates in terms of design, performance and a new body chassis, the All New Honda CB150R is a street fighter with reliable performance that is ready to answer challenges and conquer all road conditions. Powerful performance that can accommodate the needs of urban driving is the reason for Chicco to choose the All New Honda CB150R. Performance output is fully available at every turn thanks to the latest generation 150cc, 4-valve, 6-speed, liquid-cooled DOHC engine. These specifications provide the best road performance with instant and responsive acceleration, very suitable for the challenges of stop and go road conditions that are often encountered in Chicco’s daily activities.


When you have to face the dense traffic of the capital city, the best control and a comfortable sitting position are important factors for a pleasant driving and Chicco really understands that. The All New Honda CB150R offers a sport bike with compact dimensions, light weight and the best ergonomics in its class. Ergonomic driving with a comfortable sitting position is very supportive for driving in cities and long distances. While the new chassis contributes to more precise and stable control, it can be easily steered according to the driver’s wishes in all road conditions and speeds. With the All New Honda CB150R StreetFire, get ready to drive adrenaline while looking stunning with 3 color choices of Quantum Red, Macho Black and Rapid White for the standard type, and 2 special edition colors that are more aggressive, namely Raptor Black and Speedy White.

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