Acer’s Newest Laptop for Student Businessmen -
29 May 2023

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Acer’s Latest Laptop for Student Business Entrepreneurs,

Acer continues to compete in launching the latest laptop products. This year, there is the latest news information from Acer which launched a cheap laptop product, namely the Acer TravelMate B117. This laptop is also intended for students and students at a low price and features that are quite promising. This laptop comes with support for the Windows 10 Pro operating system in it. In addition, this device also has a sturdy casing and a spill-resistant keyboard. So don’t worry if you use this laptop while in a cafe or while enjoying coffee. List of the Best Laptop Gadgets of the Month

This Acer TravelMate B117 comes with a screen measuring 11.7 inches. Inside, Acer uses a low power Intel Braswell processor. In addition, this laptop also supports RAM up to 4GB. This device is also equipped with a screen that can be folded up to 180 degrees. So it can be used in a horizontal position. HP with a DSLR Equivalent Camera from LG

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This laptop is also equipped with an LED indicator light that can change color. The LED light can be used as an indicator by a teacher when giving assignments. Moreover, the color of this light will change according to the answers given by the students when receiving multiple choice questions. Another feature, this laptop for the education segment has a fairly light weight, which is 1.5 kilograms with a thickness of 0.9 inches. Not to forget, Acer also provides a Precision touchpad for operating this laptop. There are also WIFi features, a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.9 port, HDMI, a webcam and a dual digital microphone.

Acer provides this laptop in various types of models, from Intel Celeron to Pentium models with up to 4GB of RAM options. In addition, there are also HDD or eMMC flash storage options. Unfortunately, Acer has not provided official information regarding the selling price of this newest laptop. However, this laptop will definitely be offered with a price tag of around 2 million.

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