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29 May 2023

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A cheap Vlog camera with a price of 3 million that is usually used by Awkarin

The EOS M10 is Canon’s latest interchangeable-lens mirrorless camera, equipped with a high-resolution 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor, as well as an advanced Hybrid CMOS II autofocus system. The EOS M10 is also easy to use and is equipped with a 3-inch touchscreen lens that can be rotated 180 degrees for perfect selfies. Easily connected to smartphone devices allowing you to quickly send photos and share them with family and friends.

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1. LIKE SELFIES? USE THE EOS M10 If you love selfies, this camera was made for you. The size of the touchscreen display is 3 inches which can be rotated to provide perfection for selfies. Turn the screen to face your face, and the M10 will automatically display the Self Portrait mode shortcut icon. Press it to enter Self Portrait mode, adjusting settings such as the amount of background blur, image brightness and even the smoothness of your skin. When you’re ready, activate the selftimer and countdown timer, so you’ll always be caught with the perfect pose. The ?ip monitor is not only good for you. The EOS M10 is equipped with the new IS STM lens 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3, with a wider focal length of 24mm (35mm equivalent) which means you can get better selfies or wefes.

2. SHARE IMAGES THE RIGHT WAY The EOS M10 makes sharing photos using your smartphone device as fast as pressing a button. After you connect to the smartphone using the special pairing button on the M10 body and for the next time you just press the button on the M10 body after that the two devices will be connected again. That’s how easy it is to send photos to your smartphone, so you can instantly share them with friends and family. As well as being able to share photos, you can also use Canon’s app, namely Camera Connect for Android and iOS, to remotely control the M10. Additionally, by activating your smartphone’s NFC, simply pressing the two devices together to connect them, you can also connect the two devices using Wi-Fi.

3. CAPTURE THE PERFECT IMAGE WITH PRECISION HYBRID AF The perfect picture requires perfect focus – the best moments are wasted when the subject loses focus and looks blurry. Photographers know that the most important part of the face to get in focus are the eyes, but it can be hard to do if your AutoFocus (AF) system is slow. The EOS M10 is equipped with the sophistication of the CMOS II AF system, a fine combination of contrast and phase detection technologies. What that means is that the M10 will make sure what needs to be in focus will stay in focus, helping you get the perfect shot without struggling with slow AF.

4. FUN WITH CREATIVE FILTERS Ever wanted to add some extra finesse to your images but didn’t know how? The EOS M10 allows you to express your inner artist without having to learn complex software.

5. CAPTURE EXPRESSIVE IMAGES WITH A WIDER LENS The EOS M10 is equipped with the latest 15–45mm f/3.5–6.3 IS STM lens, which has a wider focal length than most lenses at 24mm (35mm equivalent). A wider focal length lets you get more of your subject in one frame, and is also perfect for capturing wider landscapes. The lens’ built-in image stabilization ensures your images stay steady and sharp, while the STM (short for ‘stepping motor’) provides fast and quiet autofocus, perfect for recording great audio while shooting video.

6. MAKE THE EOS M10 LIKE YOUR OWN Everyone’s cameras usually look like everyone else, but you can make your own EOS M10 using a Canon jacket (sold separately). Choose a bright, single color to match your mood, or choose a unique pattern to express your personality.

7. GET MULTIPLE EFFECTS WITH DIFFERENT LENS One of the best things about getting an interchangeable lens camera is the ability to change lenses, giving you more flexibility and a wider range. Use an 11-22mm lens to maximize the image in the frame, useful for tight rooms and large landscapes. Or try a 55-200mm lens, which lets you zoom in and get closer to distant subjects. The 22mm lens gives you more background blur with an aperture of f/2 for beautiful separation between subject and background. With the Canon EF-EOS M adapter array, you can access a wide range of Canon DSLR lenses for use on the EOS M10.

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