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4 June 2023

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9 advantages of the All New Ertiga 2019

This latest generation is called All New because this MPV has experienced three, three positive changes including appearance and an abundance of new features. What are the changes, let’s explore them one by one!


Suzuki provides freshness from the front view. The pull of the front apron line is higher and has a wider impression. The chrome grille is combined with a narrow headlamp with projector technology and a halogen bulb. New taillight design, with LeD technology stop lamp (specifically for the GX eSP type). The completely changed shape of the bumper and the elongated lower grille make it look more sporty and elegant at the same time.


The steering wheel is also wrapped in leather with neat stitches and a combination of wood panels. Circle the steering wheel with a flat bottom (at bottom), to give an easier and more flexible accent. Audio settings, telephony have also been pinned on the steering wheel.


On the right side of the steering wheel, there is a start/stop button to turn on or turn off the engine, on the same side there is an Electronic Stability Program (eSP) button as a safety support feature.


Many carry safety features, the third is equipped with two SRS airbags at the front, ABS + eBD brakes, as well as ESP (only the GX type). Child seat latch (isofx) and Hill Hold Control features are only available on the GX eSP type.


Turning to the center of the dashboard, there is already a lighter plug as well as a USB port and aux input. Nearby are two ventilated cup holders which transmit the cold air from the air conditioner. This has the benefit of keeping the drink cold for a longer time. Speaking of AC settings, double blowers have become standard.


Upholstery with thick foam and bright colors makes the impression comfortable and relieved. This is one of the characteristics of Ertiga. Moreover, the seat can be adjusted enough to fall back. This makes the second row include the most comfortable area. Legroom is relieved and the seats are flexible, they can be shifted back and forth as far as 24 cm. For passenger access to the third row, the middle seat can be shifted very forward with just one touch of the lever on the shoulder of the seat.


The dashboard design has completely changed. At first glance it looks like a European car with a combination of black and wood panels which gives the impression of luxury. The design and placement of the touch screen head unit is similar to the Suzuki Ignis, which is a floating (floating) model. The instrument panel looks attractive with a chrome bezel and an elegant backlit color. INCREASE ENGINE CAPACITY If the previous generation used a 1,400 cc engine, now it is equipped with a 1,500 cc K15B engine. Its power is claimed to be around 104 hp at 6,000 rpm and 138 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm.


Sitting in the back row, legroom is more flexible than the previous three generations. With a 50:50 division, this rear seat also has a backrest that can be adjusted to recline up to 16 degrees. It can also be folded flat on the floor, thereby increasing luggage volume and making it easier to carry large items.


Luggage volume is now 40 liters larger than its predecessor. Now he has a total volume of 199 liters. For practicality, there is a luggage deck that can be removed to fit more items.

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