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29 May 2023

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4 Latest and Most Complete PS4 Pro Slim Features

There was a time when it was somewhat impossible for consoles to get new features over time. Updates usually only come in the form of system fixes related to new game CDs. Today, over-the-air firmware updates are common and available almost all the time. and from time to time, you get important updates that basically add to what the console has to offer. PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.50, codenamed “Yukimura” is one of the most important recent updates. Here are some things you might do to update your PS4. Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Review and Camera Features


Everyone loves trophies, because they are a reflection of pride and envy of others. However, before it was not easy to tell the achievement of your trophy collection. With Yukimura, when you access the Trophies section, you can now showcase them on social media. A trivial thing but very meaningful. How to Take Care of a Laptop Keyboard to Last

new features of ps4


The PlayStation Network is divided into different regions around the world. For example, the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore all have different PSN Stores with different contents. Sony doesn’t really limit account creation, so you’re in luck if you have an account that can access everything. Creating an account is very simple, you have to separately register four emails and street addresses. simply create an account normally, but when asked to select a country, select the country of your choice.


How do you start where you left off? That’s what this new feature has to offer. PS4 can now store gameplay sessions in temporary memory and allow you to return to the session where you left off. To do so, you have to go to Settings > Power Saving Settings > Set Function Available in Rest Mode and then tick the Keep Application Suspended option. But keep in mind, this feature doesn’t work when playing online and it’s not a replacement for saving sessions. The Suspend/Resume feature only saves the game in temporary memory, which will be deleted if you restart the game.


This one is a bit less clear. With the 2.50 update, Sony has completely rearranged the PS4 Home menu. Most people will probably notice that the PSN Store has moved to a lower area, but did you know that Sony has also added a new Power menu up top? The Power menu was previously accessible only by holding down the PlayStation button on the DualShock 4 (and it can still be done this way), but is now also an integrated part of the Home menu. In it, you can access the PS4 to completely shut down, rest mode or other activities.

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