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29 May 2023

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360 Degree Camera Specifications Low Price Quality

360 videos are now the new exciting video trend. Model videos like this make us feel as if we are in the location where the video was made. However, to make a video like this requires a special camera which is not cheap. Fortunately, economical 360 cameras are starting to appear, one of which is the SnapCam 360. Starting from a project on IndieGogo, SnapCam 360 is finally being sold to the public. This tool is very small and light. This camera even at first glance looks like a mustache shaving machine, but smaller in size. To be able to operate this tool, you need a smartphone, both Android and iOS. Then, you also need a Micro SD memory card to store recorded photos or videos.

Unfortunately, this camera can only use a memory card that has a low write speed below 10 MBps. If you use a memory card above Sharp and Classy for Portraiture, it is estimated that the photos will be sharper, also supported by soft bokeh. Unfortunately, this Milvus 85 mm F1.4 lens has a fairly heavy weight, with a manual focus system. When trying it in the studio, the photographer must be more observant and more careful in determining the focus point, especially when using a large aperture. class 8 then SnapCam 360 will not recognize the memory card. 360 video quality is quite good and can display videos with a 360 degree viewing angle. It’s just that because the angle of the lens is only half spherical, this camera cannot take full spherical pictures. However, all the 360 โ€‹โ€‹features are on this camera. Even to the Virtual Reality feature on our smartphones. The videos captured are Full HD and semi 4K in size. However, the longest duration can only be up to 25 minutes per file. Fortunately, it will automatically connect to the following file. Finally, SnapCam 360 is an economical solution for creating 360 degree masterpieces! Best Latest 360 Degree Camera Prices

Various types of cameras are currently being developed with all the latest features with modern and best specifications. One of the camera features and types of cameras that are currently being loved and much sought after is a camera that can record up to 360 degrees. This camera has a type of camera that can cover a wide range, so this camera can certainly capture images with a very wide range.

elecam 360

Various specifications and features have been added for the EleCam 360 which certainly makes this one camera even more visible. For example, the various features embedded in the EleCam 360 include the ability of this camera to record up to 220 degrees when using panorama mode and also the ability to match its name, namely being able to record with a range of up to 360 degrees. The recording results from the EleCam 360 will definitely produce the best and clearest recordings because this camera is capable of recording with Full HD resolution which is sure to produce crisp and clear recordings. The Elecam 360 camera is also very flexible because it can be placed anywhere to document all your activities. For example, put it on a helmet or bicycle when you want to record outbound activities. That’s not enough, you know, because its very flexible design also means that this camera can be placed on a drone so that it adds footage from this one camera.

You don’t need to worry about the durability problem of the Elecam 360 camera, because this camera has a battery with a capacity of 1600 mAh where this camera can last for continuous use for up to 60 minutes. So, you certainly don’t need to worry if the battery will run out when you use it. You can continue to capture moments that will never be repeated with this Elecam 360. Apart from that, for the additional features of the Elecam360, this camera uses a WiFi connection that can connect the camera with your smartphone device so that this camera can be used remotely. Of course, with these various features and specifications, this camera is even more complete and can produce extraordinary recording results.

So, with these complete specifications, it doesn’t mean that the Elecam360 camera is priced at an exorbitant price, you know. If usually various cameras with a 360 angle of view can cost up to 5 million more, then this Elecam360 will only be priced in the range of Rp. 2 million. Very affordable price with very complete features and specifications from the Elecam360 camera.

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