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29 May 2023

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The Most Sophisticated SUV

Mazda CX-8

Eurokars Motor Indonesia – Mazda Indonesia. The CX-8 was previously introduced in July 2017. From the exterior, the CX-8 at a glance is similar to its older brother, the CX-9. Mazda’s designers are consistent with KOdO’s design ethic, the firm lines all over the CX-8’s body signal a mature exterior design. The most striking difference with the CX-9 is the design at the bottom of the front bumper. Entering the interior, as Mazda’s flagship SUV for the Japanese market, the CX-8 shows good quality materials throughout. The seats are wrapped in top quality leather, thus providing comfort to passengers. The CX-8’s dashboard design is also similar to the CX-9, which differs from the AC grille. The most unique thing about the Mazda CX-8 is in the second row of seats. Captain seats like an MPV are here. The center of the seat is given a console for extra comfort. On the console there is a place to store goods, cup holders and heater control switches for benches. Second row passengers can also set the desired air conditioning mode, because there is already climate control. Still in the interior, the CX-8’s third row bench is wide enough for adult passengers. access is also quite easy, just by lifting a lever on the second row bench.

Mazda CX-8 is equipped with a SKYaACTIV-d engine with a capacity of 2,188 cc. The power output that is released is 188 hp at 4,500 rpm with a torque of 450 Nm at 2,000 rpm. This quite impressive engine is combined with a 6-speed SKYaACTIV-dRIVE transmission. The CX-8 also uses an AWD wheel drive system like its older brother. with these data the CX-8 is considered quite efficient in terms of fuel consumption. In terms of features, Mazda really spoils its customers with abundant features. Call it i-stop, line departure, traction control, 360 camera, power back door. Dear thousands, Mazda CX-8 cannot be found in Indonesia. You can imagine if he could enliven the Indonesian SUV market which is currently busy with demand, it would be exciting!

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