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29 May 2023

Baikhati.id – This IP address is a link to a site for watching bokeh in full HD quality. The videos provided can be watched for free via a browser.

Not long ago, the site was blocked by the government because it was clear that the video contained pornographic elements. This site is blocked because it is feared that underage children will access it continuously and it is not good for the brain.

However, for those of you who want to visit the site this and who must be old enough to see it. Take it easy, you can access it by using a VPN or you can also use the Yandex browser which already provides a VPN in it.

How to Visit Site Which Has Been Blocked by the Government

To be able to visit blocked sites you have to use a third application on your device such as a VPN. why should use a vpn? because this site is blocked in our country, therefore we have to use a VPN to enter servers in other countries.

After we have successfully entered the server of another country, do a search in a new browser, we can visit the site Apart from that, blocked sites can also be visited using the yandex.com browser which already provides a VPN feature in it.

So by using the Yandex.com browser, you no longer need to use third-party applications. You can directly visit the site this is simply by including its ip address in the write.

To download Yandex.com, see which video and photo editing application Baikhati.id recommend below.


Get better photo results by using the application B612 this and change the photo to be smooth without pimples. Don’t miss the effects feature either AR available on the app B612 which will continue to be updated every season.

Make your face as beautiful and handsome as an actor, give an effect that makes your makeup look natural. Capture the funny and fun moments you get, try turning them into gifs so you can share them with your friends.

Want to look beautiful without makeup is not difficult if there is this application. You can be beautiful just by adding a filter and changing it little by little according to your taste.

Change your daily life to be even more fun with B612, add sound to your project. Try to create a pleasant moment by trying all the available features. Check out the application explanation table below. Baikhati.id highly recommend this app.

Name B612
Size 129MB
Version 12.1.10
Released 9 October 2014
Required OS Android 8.0


Next is the application BeautyPlus, Just as the name suggests with this application you can make photos of yourself beautiful. Here you can make your photo shots more beautiful and brighter.

Use the various filters available to make your photos look more perfect on social media. Change your photo a bit by adding other effects, you can also add stickers to make it funnier.

BeautyPlus can form a slimmer body by adjusting the area of ​​the body you want to change. Besides that, you can also cover acne on your face just by using the effects available in it.

Here you can remove other objects that interfere with the formation of perfection in your shots such as people or buildings. Make photos of yourself to be more focused on you by using the bokeh effect in the application.

Check these specifications before downloading the application.

Name TrueBeauty
Size 252MB
Version 7.6.012
Released July 14, 2013
Required OS Android 5.0


If you want your photo experience to be even better, Baikhati.id recommends it CandyCamera. Because with this application you can take photos using cool and really cool filters, guys.

Anyway, it’s cool, guys, you will be offered a variety of interesting features that make you want to take pictures all the time. Many people take photos using CandyCamera this is it guys.

With various existing filters you can make your skin and face more charming. With just one application, you can captivate the opposite sex, guys.

This application has been downloaded more than 100 million times play storeI can’t imagine how many users there are, guys. This means that this application is quite reliable and good enough to use, the features provided are satisfying.

Download this application via Playstore or App Store and don’t forget to see the explanation below.

Name CandyCamera
Size 92.48MB
Version 6.0.89 – plays
Released November 23, 2013
Required OS Android 5.0


If you want to make professional photos Beatrix is the right solution to create professional photos. This application helps to change selfie photos, smooth skin, adjust face texture, beautify faces and many more.

Apart from that, you can also take videos using dazzling effects on Beatrix. The way this application works is more or less the same as a camera in general, it’s just that there are many features available in it and the effects are pretty good.

This application supports the AI ​​system so when taking selfies, this feature will automatically activate and beautify photos. Here also provides a feature for removing excess objects such as photos in crowds of people or buildings.

This application is a new release application that will be released in 2022. With the release of this application, maybe it will be able to adapt itself to follow the Google Camera application.

You can adjust the brightness when you want the photo to be dark or bright. besides that you can also add various filters to your photo shots. Let’s see an explanation of the application below.

Name Beatrix
Size 114MB
Version 1.1.4
Released October 14, 2022
Required OS Android 5.0


The last one is there TON, This application provides effects for photos or makes videos to make them more aesthetic. Here you will easily find video effects and filters with the latest distinctive styles.

You can also directly share your edited photos and videos with your friends to show them off. Also get a lot of likes on social media with the results of videos or photos of yourself that you have edited to be more interesting.

TON provides professional photo features and elegant effects found in the video editor menu. Use these features to make your photos look as good as a professional.

Do you want to download this one application? If so, check the application specification table below.

Name TON
Size 22.96MB
Version 1.2.2
Released June 7, 2022
Required OS Android 6.0

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